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We issue merger processing septic tank maintenance business subsidy

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 The biggest cause of dirt of river is "life waste water from miscellaneous sources" drained from kitchen, washhouse, bathroom, washroom. In addition, we call life waste water from miscellaneous sources and human waste "life drainage" in addition. In late years, as lasting life drainage processing facilities along with the sewer, merger processing septic tank is evaluated. It is the most effective as life drainage measures and, in Miyawaka-shi, is thinking about merger processing septic tank which economy can pursue that it is important.

We support a part of the expense

We perform business to support a part of expense to need for setting to person who is going to install septic tank which is younger than 50 staff targeted for processing in exclusive house within the budget to prevent water pollution of public waters by life drainage in city.

※There is change of style of documents to submit and attachment from 2020 


Supporting object

○Being building (exclusive house) to live mainly. But please be careful as person of planned handling of public sewer system area does not become a target.
○Being building which we speak in the case of house attached to small stores, and a half or more of floor space offer for one of the residence. Apartment is possible, too.

○About built-for-sale house, we can apply only for buyer of house which caught supporting target designation.

Assistance is inapplicable

※For person raising next, we do not issue subsidy
○Person who installs septic tank without receiving examination of report of setting based on regulations of septic tank method Article 5 Paragraph 1 or confirmation based on regulations of Building Standard Act Article 6 Paragraph 1
○In people borrowing exclusive house from, consent of lessor is not provided
○Person who has construction (including extension and/or alteration) of kiyomekasofusenyojutaku for the purpose of sale

○It is person with nonpayment such as city taxes in Miyawaka-shi for applicant and member of household
○Person who updates facilities septic tank

Supporting amount of money

Supporting amounts of money of 2020 are as follows.  

Supporting amount of money


Five tank

332,000 yen

Less than 130 square meters of deferred floor space

Seven tank

414,000 yen

130 square meters of deferred floor space or more

Ten tank

548,000 yen

Duplex houses

11 tank - 50 tank

743,000 yen

Apartment houses


Extra supporting amount of money

When and we take consideration into and perform disposal of flight tank appropriately, and there is septic tank alone when we switch to merger processing septic tank, we add amount of money to set as follows to septic tank setting subsidy as limit and can receive grant.

In the case of switch from independent septic tank 

 Take consideration into; in the case of switch from flight tank

Disposal costs

90,000 yen

60,000 yen

The plumbing setting costs

300,000 yen

140,000 yen


※We add only either disposal costs and plumbing setting costs and cannot receive grant of subsidy. In addition, sum that cut off under 1,000 yen of expense that we suffered from actually becomes the amount of addition when expense that it cost actually does not reach limit.


Flow of subsidy grant

 Setting procedure accompanied with septic tank setting in Miyawaka-shi and supporting application procedure and attached documents are as follows.

Setting procedure

[before submitting setting notice to environmental office]

○We submit septic tank setting statement of position grant application (two copies)

Attached documents: Copying of report of written setting, figure of plumbing, position figure (we fill in discharge course), house ground plan, septic tank authorization sheet


Supporting application procedure

[before construction start of construction]

○We submit subsidy grant application

Attached documents: Position figure (neighborhood sketch), report of present situation (style No. 2), house ground plan (placement plumbing figure), septic tank setting notification form and copy of acceptance book, copy of construction contract contract, itemized statement (style No. 3), written oath (style No. 4), written consent (style No. 5) of septic tank setting expense, disposal expense and the plumbing setting expense, guarantee registration document, copying of septic tank facilities person certificate, septic tank authorization seat, copying of registration document, registration septic tank management vote (C vote), other mayors are need and admitting documents


[after the construction completion]

○We submit the results report

Attached documents: Copy of inspection request book, copy of septic tank maintenance contract, copying of septic tank construction completion notification form, septic tank construction inspection report, septic tank beginning to use notification form, check list, switch debrief report (only in the case of switch), copying (only in the case of switch) of industrial waste management vote, collection of construction photographs, other mayors are need and admitting documents

○We submit subsidy grant bill

No attached documents 


[when after submitting subsidy grant application, there is change]

○We submit change approval application

※As supporting business is just the single year business, you must complete construction by end of the fiscal year (March 31). In addition, subsidy application assumes the end as soon as budget disappears.
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〒823-0011 29-1, Miyata, Miyawaka-shi, Fukuoka
Tel: 0949-32-0510 (main)
Fax: 0949-32-9430

[open agency time] Until from 8:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m. of from Monday to Friday (except Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, New Year holidays)
※Only citizen's section window (various certificate issuance) extends every Thursday at time until 7:15 p.m.
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