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Structure of municipal assembly

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With assembly

"We citizen talking about various problems to make our town livable town, and running by hand of oneself" This is basic of resident autonomy.
However, all Miyawaka citizens gather in one place and cannot talk about. Therefore citizen's everybody chooses the mayor and member of city assembly as their representatives, and the mayor go ahead through livable town development while getting citizen's participation in planning and we discuss the regulations or budget necessary for that member of the Diet constitutes municipal assembly, and the mayor performs municipal administration and will decide.

From such a work, municipal assembly is called "legislative organ" in the mayors "executive organ", both such as important pair move into action for municipal administration development while working.

Organization of municipal assembly

(1) Member of the Diet
Member of the Diet is chosen every four years by election. We set the fixed number of member of the Diet of 17 people in the regulations of city.

(2) The chairperson, vice-president
The chairperson and vice-president are chosen in election from member of the Diet. The chairperson keeps order of assembly hall on behalf of assembly and pushes forward meeting. As for the vice-president, the chairperson fills in for the chairperson at the time of absence for reasons of disease and business trip, others.

(3) City Council Secretariat
It is place in charge of desk work of general affairs of assembly and various desk work such as assistance to duties of member of the Diet. Specifically, it hits desk work about plenary session and committee meeting and various desk work of assembly including making of news from minutes, municipal assembly which settled state of assembly.


Meeting of municipal assembly

The mayor calls assembly regularly or temporarily and opens for a certain period of time. Extraordinary session of a local assembly means meeting holding meeting to hold regularly depending on regular assembly, need. We hold regular assembly four times a year ( month) in Miyawaka-shi. We discuss bills submitted to assembly in (called "session") during time to closing from starting of assembly.

(1) Plenary session
We say meeting of assembly composed of all members of the Diet. We discuss bills, and plenary session is meeting deciding the final intention of assembly. Here, there is explanation about bill which the mayor submitted and member of the Diet gives (called "question"), opinion to hear question for this (called "discussion") and clarifies whether it is agreement, or it is objection. In addition, right to perform question (general interpellation) about general desk work of city to member of the Diet is recognized only for regular assembly, and what do this general interpellation performs at this meeting.

(2) The Standing Committee
In committee which is always placed in assembly, we examine bill and petition, petitions such as the regulations or budget. There are general affairs Committee, education public welfare Committee, three Standing Committee of industrial Committee on Construction in Miyawaka-shi assembly.

(3) Assembly Steering Committee
We discuss about overall assembly administration to perform smooth administration of assembly and are committee set up as place of opinion adjustment.

(4) Special committee
It is committee set up in particular as needed. Miyawaka-shi assemblies include assembly public information investigation special committees.


Post assembly

Plenary session
The opening of a meeting The chairperson sentences and opens.
Suggestion explanation Presenter (the mayor) of bill explains suggestion reason.
General interpellation
We perform question for bill and general interpellation, and the mayors answer. In addition, member of the Diet performing general interpellation submits question notice book to the chairperson by day when we were able to decide.
Devolution We refer to the Standing Committee to discuss bill, petition in detail.
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Explanation We receive explanation such as bills from charge bureau, department in charge in each committee.
Question We ask charge bureau, department in charge about bill contents.
Discussion We speak agreement or objection and the reason about bills.
Voting We decide the right or wrong about the bills by the majority of committee member present as committee.
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Plenary session
Chairperson's report When each committee meeting is finished, we hold plenary session again, and each chairperson reports examination progress of committee and result.
Question When there are questions for chairperson's reports, we ask chairpersons a question.
Discussion We speak agreement or objection or the reason about bills.
Voting It should be the approval or rejection about bills and decides with the majority of member of the Diet present.
Closing The chairperson sentences and closes.
In addition, we notify the mayor that we were selected in plenary session from the chairperson.
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